"In July 2016 I was delighted to take delivery of my new Mazda. I also purchased the paint protection that was offered to me through Mazda, called FUSION from Advanced Protection.

Like most people I was apprehensive at first because of the reputation these products have of being gimmicky and a waste of money. The sales team explained the new nano technology and guaranteed me a lifetime warranty. They also answered my many questions regarding the authenticity and effectiveness of this product, like whether it contained a UV stabiliser, which prevents plastics from breaking down. Just one week later my car was vandalised overnight with paint. The paint had hardened and I knew I was serious trouble.

My only hope was to try and get to a car wash asap. I prayed that the paint protection was enough to enable me to get the paint off and to my delight the paint came off cleanly and easily. I offered Mazda this testimonial as I am very impressed with this product."

Dionne, Pakenham